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First of all, I would like to introduce you about What is monkey-showman?, What services are available? and What else are there in the town of Lake Kawaguchi?

What is monkey-showman?

monkey-showman is a show created by a monkey who is a main character and his partner on the stage. No matter how old you are, no matter where you are from, monkeys will make an impression on and do wonders for your mind because they are simply adorable. Fundamentally, monkey show can make you enjoy without understanding words, but we prepare translation subtitles of English, Chinese and Korean so that you won’t have any language problems. Many Thai people have come see us so far, and they have such a cheerful character that the show is warmed up very well.

What services are available?

After the performance is over, monkeys will see you off at the gate, and you can shake hands and take a picture with them. Also, the outside of the theater, you are capable of feeding monkeys. Other than that, there are shops selling mainly regional goodies and cute monkey dolls.

What else are there in the town of Lake Kawaguchi?

To begin with, the theater has one of the best Mt. Fuji landscapes. In spring, you can enjoy seeing row of cherry blossom trees around lakefront. In June, there is “Halve Festival”. In summer, there is an event called “Fireworks on the Lakeside”. In autumn, just within a stone throw of the theater, “Autumn Leaves Festival” is held every year. All of the events are so famous and popular that not only Japanese, but also a lot of people coming from other countries are eager to visit the festivals. Needless to mention, more and more good reputations about them are increasing. Therefore, you are able to spend a wonderful time on many events other than the monkey show.

Well then, we will be waiting for you from such a wonderful country, Thai to visit us.







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